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Ride and Learn at Sweet Meadow Farm

Sherborn , MA

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Sherborn, Massachusetts

This page is under construction, thank you for your patience. 


Choose your party options. Make additions to your party for a personalized and unique experience!

Extra Child:


Party Pack:

Extra Horse:

Extra Half Hour: Available for parties in the last time slot of the day

Horse Shoe Decorating:

Face Painting:

Half Hour Lesson before Party:

Princess Appearance:

SMF Party Invitations and Thank-You Notes:

Calendar Party Favor:

T-Shirt Party Favor:

Ribbon Party Favor:


Birthday Party Additional Items: Price p/10
Select your Party: VIP Pony
Select your Party: Barn Buddies ($100 less)
Select your Party: Great Escape ($200 less)
Select your Party: Treasure Hunt ($200 less)
Select your Party: Paint a Masterpiece ($100 less)
Extra Child (there are no refunds for children who do not attend, may pay on day of party for extra) $15.00
Party Pack $50.00
Pizza (large pizza from Liberty's in Natick) $10.00
Horse Shoe Decorating $60.00 $5.00
Face Painting $35.00 $3.00
Extra Horse (only for VIP Pony Parties) $50.00
Half Hour Riding Lesson Right Before the Party $50.00
Extra Half Hour for the Party $75.00
Princess Appearance: Cinderella $50.00
Princess Appearance: Belle $50.00
SMF Birthday Party Invitations $10.00 $1.00
SMF Birthday Party Thank You Notes $10.00 $1.00
SMF Horse Show Birthday Party Ribbons $35.00 $4.00
SMF Calendar $10.00
SMF t-shirt $15.00

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