Sweet Meadow Farm Gifts
Ride and Learn at Sweet Meadow Farm

Sherborn , MA

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Sherborn, Massachusetts

Gift Cards, Apparel, Books

A special gift for the horseback riding and animals lovers!

If your know someone who loves animals, give them the gift of barn buddies, pony rides and horseback riding lessons by purchasing a gift card!

If you don't see that particular card value you are looking at, please contact us at info@sweetmeadowfarm.com  and you'll get one for the right amount.
Pay online below or in-person, and pick your gift card up at the farm!

Dress like an animal lover!

Our Sweet Meadow Farm Sweatshirts show everybody that you, your child or your friend is a true animal lover!

Available in different sizes, blue with white lettering and get your own for $25 at our farm!

Enjoy a year with our animals!

Our Sweet Meadow Farm Calendar brings our animals
and farmlife into your home!
A great gift for everybody who can't get enough of our horses, barnyard and small animals!

Calendars are available for $12 at the farm.

Learn and have fun with Sweet Meadow Farms Educational Books!

Learn about animals and read the sweet and true Story of a Horse called Dr. Pepper.
All books are written and photographed by Patty Michaud.

Take "Whose eye am I?", "Whose foot am I?" and Dr. Pepper home with you, read and collect them all.
They also make great gifts for any horse and animal loving child. $12 each book.