Horse & Animal Programs: Girls & Boys' Scouts and Field Trips
Ride and Learn at Sweet Meadow Farm

Sherborn , MA

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Sherborn, Massachusetts

Girls & Boys' Scouts and Field Trips

Bring your Troops to Sweet Meadow Farm for an hour meeting to earn either a Horse Riding or Animal Badge!

  • Animal Badge: your troop will enjoy hands-on time with a variety of animals including bunnies, horses, chickens, goats, miniature ponies, our trained emu and wallaby, and our miniature cows. Learn how to care, groom and feed all these animals to earn your badges.
  • Horse Riding Badge: each child will learn how to handle, care for, groom, and tack up their horse. Each of them will have the opportunity to ride one of our gentle and well-trained horses.

We can accommodate troops of all sizes; the Sweet Meadow Farm staff works with all ages as well.  Each meeting is an  hour long, but you can choose to have a back-to-back meeting, and have your troop earn both badges in two hours. 

Sweet Meadow Farm does not supply actual badges.

E-mail or call 508-314-7433 to schedule your troop's meeting.

4 and up
Monday to Friday
All year round
$15 per child per badge - for 15 kids or more.
$20 per child per badge - for less than 15 kids.