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Ride and Learn at Sweet Meadow Farm

Sherborn , MA

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Sherborn, Massachusetts

Riding Lessons

We offer year-round riding lessons for ages 4-100, all levels of riding. Lessons are offered Monday-Friday, 10:00am-6:00pm, and Fridays, 9:00am-5:00pm.  

          Email or call to schedule a lesson. or             (508) 314-7433.

Lessons are booked on a weekly schedule and each month is paid prior to the 1st of the month. We also offer one-time riding sessions, payment is due prior to the date of the lesson. 

Junior Riding Lessons: For ages 4-6, a half-hour private lesson with one of our highly skilled instructors. Students help groom and tack up the horse (~10min.), ride (~20min.), and untack (~2min.) at the end of their lesson. Students learn about horsemanship and basics of riding. They will start with steering, stoppping, trotting, and proper positioning.

Evaluation lesson $65 every lesson following $60.


Private Riding Lessons: For ages 7+, an hour long private lesson with one of our highly skilled instructors. Students help groom and tack up the horse (~15min.), ride (~40min.), and untack(~5min.) at the end of their lesson. Students will advance through the various stages of riding as their instructor sees fit. Each lesson is tailored to the individual student. All levels are welcome, beginner to advanced!            

Evaluation lesson $75 every lesson following $70.


​Group Riding Lessons: Group riding lessons are offered to those students who are advanced enough to control the horse without the full attention of the instructor. Instructors match riders with similar skill level and experience for double or triple lessons. Every rider must start in a private lesson and may request a group lesson.

Double lesson $60 per rider. Triple lesson $50 per rider.  


Head Instructor lessons run an additonal $10 and are available for any type of lesson. The head instructor is well equipped to advance your child through the many challenges and rewards of horseback riding. 

All students will meet their instructor in our viewing room.
Riders must be dressed appropriately with soft, stretchable pants/jeans, boots with a heel and weather appropriate shirts and jackets. 

It is possible to borrow riding boots and a helmet. 

What's an Evaluation Ride? The Evaluation Ride is the first ride at our facility, where the Instructor will get a first impression of the rider's skills and goals. We introduce the rider to the basics of horsemanship and riding. The basics reviewed in the evaluation lesson will provide the foundation for the rider’s future progression plan. The Instructor will advise the rider with a suitable horse and instructor for reoccurring lessons.

Cancellation Policy:
You must contact us 24 hours before your lesson to cancel without penalty. Please call or email during business hours (between 10am-6pm) to reschedule your lesson without being charged. If you cancel within 24 hrs of your lesson, you will be charged the full price of your lesson.Considerable time goes into planning lessons with instructors, paying instructors and reserving horses for riders, therefore it is the responsibility of the rider to come to lessons and be on time.