Kid’s Barn and Animal Programs & Activities: Exotic Animal Adventure
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Exotic Animal Adventure

1-6 years old - Monday - Friday 10-10:45am, 1:00-1:45pm.

A great hands-on animal science experience for children who love animals! 

Just-your-size friendly and well trained animals like miniature cows, miniature horses, miniature goats, and miniature donkeys are perfect for them!

Children will learn to feed, groom, and care for our friendly barnyard and exotic animals (including a wallaby, and a baby deer), as well as our small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils and ferrets). They will also have access to our bird room where they can hold and feed our friendly birds in a safe environment. All this is in our brand new insulated and heated barn! Parents are encouraged to stay and share the experience.


Come on any Monday thur Friday for $30 a day, or sign up for the whole month and SAVE! Please sign-up in advance as spaces are limited!

*Please note: The program does not run during July and August due to the Summer Programs. It will begin again the second week of September.

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Monday(6,13,20,27) 10-10:50am$100.004 available
Monday(6,13,20,27) 1-1:50pm$100.004 available
Monday(6) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Monday(6) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Monday(13) 10-10:50am$30.002 available
Monday(13) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Monday(20) 10-10:50am$30.00Add Me to Waiting List
Monday(20) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Monday(27) 10-10:50am$30.002 available
Monday(27) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Tuesday(7,14,21,28) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Tuesday(7,14,21,28) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Tuesday(7) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Tuesday(7) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Tuesday(14) 10-10:50am$30.003 available
Tuesday(14) 1-1:50am$30.004 available
Tuesday(21) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Tuesday(21) 1-1:50am$30.004 available
Tuesday(28) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Tuesday(28) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Wednesday(1,8,15,22,29) 10-10:50am$125.004 available
Wednesday(1,8,15,22,29) 1-1:50pm$125.004 available
Wednesday(1) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Wednesday(1) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Wednesday(8) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Wednesday(8) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Wednesday(15) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Wednesday(15) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Wednesday(22) 10-10:50am$30.003 available
Wednesday(22) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Wednesday(29) 10-10:50am$30.001 available
Wednesday(29) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Thursday(2,9,16,23,30) 10-10:50am$125.004 available
Thursday(2,9,16,23,30) 1-1:50pm$125.004 available
Thurday(2) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Thursday(2) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Thursday(9) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Thursday(9) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Thursday(16) 10-10:50am$30.003 available
Thursday(16) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Thursday(23) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Thursday(23) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Thursday(30) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Thursday(30) 1-1;50pm$30.004 available
Friday(3,10,17,24) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Friday(3,10,17,24) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Friday(3) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Friday(3) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Friday(10) 10-10:50am$30.002 available
Friday(10) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Friday(17) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Friday(17) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Friday(24) 10-10:50am$30.00Add Me to Waiting List
Friday(24) 1-1:50pm$30.002 available
Monday(4,11,18,25) 10-10:50am$100.002 available
Monday(4,11,18,25) 1-1:50pm$100.004 available
Monday(4) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Monday(4) 1-1:50pm$30.003 available
Monday(11) 10-10:50am$30.00Add Me to Waiting List
Monday(11) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Monday(18) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Monday(18) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Monday(25) 1-1:50pm$30.00Add Me to Waiting List
Monday(25) 10-10:50am$30.00Add Me to Waiting List
Tuesday(5,12,19,26) 1-1:50pm$100.004 available
Tuesday(5,12,19,26) 10-10:50am$100.003 available
Tuesday(5) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Tuesday(5) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Tuesday(12) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Tuesday(12) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Tuesday(19) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Tuesday(19) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Tuesday(26) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Tuesday(26) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Wednesday(6,13,20,27) 10-10:50am$100.004 available
Wednesday(6,13,20,27) 1-1:50pm$100.004 available
Wednesday(6) 10-10;50pm$30.003 available
Wednesday(6) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Wednesday(13) 10-10:50pm$30.001 available
Wednesday(13) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Wednesday(20) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Wednesday(20) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Wednesday(27) 10:00-10:50am$30.004 available
Wednesday(27) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Thursday(7,14,21,28) 10-10:50am$100.001 available
Thursday(7,14,21,28) 1-1:50pm$100.004 available
Thursday(7) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Thursday(7) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Thursday(14) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Thursday(14) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Thursday(21) 10-10:50am$30.003 available
Thursday(21) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Thursday(28) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Thursday(28) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Friday(1,8,15,22,29) 10-10:50am$125.004 available
Friday(1,8,15,22,29) 1-1:50pm$125.004 available
Friday(1) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Friday(1) 1-1:50pm$30.003 available
Friday(8) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Friday(8) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Friday(15) 10-10:50am$30.003 available
Friday(15) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Friday(22) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Friday(22) 1-1:50pm$30.002 available
Friday(29) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Friday(29) 1-1:50pm$30.003 available
Monday(1,8) 10-10:50am$60.003 available
Monday(1,8) 1-1:50pm$60.004 available
Monday(1) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Monday(1) 1-1:50pm$0.004 available
Monday(8) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Monday(8) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Tuesday(2,9) 10-10:50am$60.00Add Me to Waiting List
Tuesday(2,9) 1-1:50pm$60.004 available
Tuesday(2) 10-10:50am$30.003 available
Tuesday(2) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Tuesday(9) 10-10:50am$30.00Add Me to Waiting List
Tuesday(9) 1-1:50pm$30.003 available
Wednesday(3,10) 10-10:50am$60.004 available
Wednesday(3,10) 1-1:50pm$60.004 available
Wednesday(3) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Wednesday(3) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Wednesday(10) 10-10:50am$30.002 available
Wednesday(10) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Thursday(4,11) 10-10:50am$60.004 available
Thursday(4,11) 1-1:50pm$60.004 available
Thursday(4) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Thursday(4) 1-1:50pm$30.003 available
Thursday(11) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Thursday(11) 1-1:50pm$30.003 available
Friday(5,12) 10-10:50am$60.004 available
Friday(5,12) 1-1:50pm$60.004 available
Friday(5) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Friday(5) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available
Friday(12) 10-10:50am$30.004 available
Friday(12) 1-1:50pm$30.004 available