Kid’s Barn and Animal Programs & Activities: Mini Riders
Fall and Winter Programs
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Mini Riders

1-6 years old – Monday - Friday 10-10:45am, 1-1:45pm – Mommy & Me Program.

Our patient, well-trained and gentle miniature horses are ready to introduce your child to a lifelong love. 

During this 45 minute Mommy & Me class your child will learn how to handle and groom a mini horse.  They will then have the opportunity to take a few laps around on one of the small mini horses. The child must be under 3 1/2 ft tall and under 45 lbs. to ride the mini horse, since they are so small. Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in their child’s one-on-one learning experience. 

Our focus is to teach both child and parent how to work safely around the animals, while having a fun and positive experience with the pony. 

After feeding and putting the ponies away, your child will have a chance to come into our brand new insulated and heated barn and play with our friendly and well trained small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, birds, ferrets) for an all-around wonderful experience.

Please wear sneakers or boots with long pants. 

Come on any day Monday-Friday for $30 a day, or sign up for the whole month and SAVE! Please sign-up in advance, spaces are limited!

*Please note: The program does not run during July and August due to the Summer Programs. It will begin again the second week of September.


Monday(6, 13, 20,27) 10-10:45am$100.004 available
Monday(6, 13, 20, 27) 1-1:45pm$100.006 available
Monday(6) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Monday(6) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Monday(13) 10-10:45am$30.003 available
Friday(13) 1-1:45pm$30.004 available
Monday(20) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Monday(20) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Monday(27) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Monday(27) 1-1:45pm$30.005 available
Tuesday(7, 14, 21, 28) 10-10:45am$100.006 available
Tuesday(7, 14, 21, 28) 1-1:45pm$100.005 available
Tuesday(7) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Tuesday(7) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Tuesday(14) 10-10:45am$30.00Add Me to Waiting List
Tuesday(14) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Tuesday(21) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Tuesday(21) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Tuesday(28) 10-10:45am$30.003 available
Tuesday(28) 1-1:45pm$30.005 available
Wednesday(1, 8, 15, 22, 29) 10-10:45am$125.006 available
Wednesday(1, 8, 15, 22, 29) 1-1:45pm$125.006 available
Wednesday(1) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Wednesday(1) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Wednesday(8) 10-10:45am$30.005 available
Wednesday(8) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Wednesday(15) 10-10:45am$30.005 available
Wednesday(15) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Wednesday(22) 10-10:45am$30.005 available
Wednesday(22) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Wednesday(29) 10-10:45am$30.004 available
Wednesday(29) 1-1:45pm$30.005 available
Thursday(2, 9, 16, 23, 30) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Thursday(2, 9, 16, 23, 30) 1-1:45pm$125.006 available
Thursday(2) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Thursday(2) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Thursday(9) 10-10:45am$30.005 available
Thursday(9) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Thursday(16) 10-10:45am$30.005 available
Thursday(16) 1-1:45pm$30.004 available
Thursday(23) 10-10:45am$30.005 available
Thursday(23) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Thursday(30) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Thursday(30) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Friday(3, 10, 17, 24, 31) 10-10:45am$125.006 available
Friday(3, 10, 17, 24, 31) 1-1:45pm$125.006 available
Friday(3) 10-10:45am$30.001 available
Friday(3) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Friday(10) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Friday(10) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Friday(17) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Friday(17) 1-1:45pm$30.005 available
Friday(24) 10-10:45am$30.005 available
Friday(24) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Friday(31) 10-10:45am$30.005 available
Friday(31) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Monday(3, 10, 17, 24) 10-10:45am$100.006 available
Monday(3, 10, 17, 24) 1-1:45pm$100.006 available
Monday(3) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Monday(3) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Monday(10) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Monday(10) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Monday(17) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Monday(17) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Monday(24) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Monday(24) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Tuesday(4, 11, 18, 25) 10-10:45am$100.005 available
Tuesday(4, 11, 18, 25) 1-1:45pm$100.006 available
Tuesday(4) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Tuesday(4) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Tuesday(11) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Tuesday(11) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Tuesday(18) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Friday(18) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Tuesday(25) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Tuesday(25) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Wednesday(5, 12, 19, 26) 10-10:45am$100.005 available
Wednesday(5, 12, 19, 26) 1-1:45pm$100.006 available
Wednesday(5) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Wednesday(5) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Wednesday(12) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Wednesday(12) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Wednesday(19) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Wednesday(19) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Wednesday(26) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Wednesday(26) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Thursday(6, 13, 20) 10-10:45am$75.006 available
Thursday(6, 13, 20) 1-1:45pm$75.006 available
Thursday(6) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Thursday(6) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Thursday(13) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Thursday(13) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Thursday(20) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Thursday(20) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Friday(7, 14, 21) 10-10:45am$75.006 available
Friday(7, 14, 21) 1-1:45pm$75.006 available
Friday(7) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Friday(7) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Friday(14) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Friday(14) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Friday(21) 10-10:45am$30.005 available
Friday(21) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Monday(1, 8, 15, 22, 29) 10-10:45am$125.006 available
Monday(1, 8, 15, 22, 29) 1-1:45pm$125.006 available
Monday(1) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Monday(1) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Monday(8) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Monday(8) 1-1;45pm$30.006 available
Monday(15) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Monday(15) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Monday(22) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Monday(22) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Monday(29) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Monday(29) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Tuesday(2, 9, 16, 23, 30) 10-10:45am$125.006 available
Tuesday(2, 9, 16, 23, 30) 1-1:45pm$125.006 available
Tuesday(2) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Tuesday(2) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Tuesday(9) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Tuesday(9) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Tuesday(16) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Tuesday(16) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Tuesday(23) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Tuesday(23) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Tuesday(30) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Tuesday(30) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Wednesday(3, 10, 17) 10-10:45am$75.006 available
Wednesday(3, 10, 17) 1-1:45pm$75.006 available
Wednesday(3) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Wednesday(3) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Wednesday(10) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Wednesday(10) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Wednesday(17) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Wednesday(17) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Thursday(4, 11, 18) 10-10:45am$75.006 available
Thursday(4, 11, 18) 1-1:45pm$75.006 available
Thursday(4) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Thursdsay(4) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Thursday(11) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Thurdsay(11) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Thursday(18) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Thursday(18) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Friday(5, 12, 19) 10-10:45am$75.006 available
Friday(5, 12, 19) 1-1:45pm$75.006 available
Friday(5) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Friday(5) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Friday(12) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Friday(12) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Friday(19) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Friday(19) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Monday(5, 12 19, 26) 10-10:45am$75.006 available
Monday(5, 12, 19, 26) 1-1:45pm$100.006 available
Monday(5) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Monday(5) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Monday(12) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Monday(12) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Monday(19) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Monday(19) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Monday(26) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Monday(26) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Tuesday(6, 13, 20, 27) 10-10:45am$100.006 available
Tuesday(6,13, 20, 27) 1-1:45pm$100.006 available
Tuesday(6) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Tuesday(6) 1-:45pm$30.006 available
Tuesday(13) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Tuesday(13) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Tuesday(20) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Tuesday(20) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Tuesday(27) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Tuesday(27) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Wednesday(7, 14, 21, 28) 10-10:45am$100.006 available
Wednesday(7,14,21, 28) 1-1:45pm$100.006 available
Wednesday(7) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Wednesday(7) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Wednesday(14) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Wednesday(14) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Wednesday(21) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Wednesday(21) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Wednesday(28) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Wednesday(28) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Thursday(8, 15, 22, 29) 10-10:45am$100.006 available
Thursday(8, 15, 22, 29) 1-1:45pm$100.006 available
Thursday(8) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Thursday(8) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Thursday(15) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Thursday(15) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Thursday(22) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Thursday(22) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Thursday(29) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Thursday(29) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Friday(9, 16, 23, 30) 10-10:45am$100.006 available
Friday(9, 16, 23, 30) 1-1:45pm$100.006 available
Friday(9) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Friday(9) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Friday(16) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Friday(16) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Friday(23) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Friday(23) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available
Friday(30) 10-10:45am$30.006 available
Friday(30) 1-1:45pm$30.006 available