After School Programs: Half Day Animal Care Club
Saddle Club

Sherborn , MA

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Sherborn, Massachusetts

Half Day Animal Care Club

Monthly sessions available on any day Monday-Friday


And Wednesdays from 10:00-1:00

 Ages 4-12. Drop-off program. 

Our friendly and well-trained barnyard animals are just your size and waiting for you! Learn how to care for our miniature horses, cows, deer, goats and potbelly pigs, feed and play with our small pets such as bunnies, guinea pigs and ferrets and hold the birds in the bird room. Say hello to our exotic animals like Ruah the wallaby and Chompers the tortoise as well. You will also get a pony ride on one of our wonderful pony or horse!

Please wear close-toed shoes or boots and long pants. 



This is a monthly program. You must sign up for the entire month.

Cancellation Policy: Full payment is due at the time of registration. Sweet Meadow Farm does not give credit and/or refunds if participants miss or cancel any of the Programs’ classes.

A Refund will be issued if we are unable to run the program because of state orders pertaining to Covid



Monthly sessions available on any day Monday-Friday


Mondays(1,8,15,22,29) 1p-5:30p$495.0010 available
Tuesdays(2,9,16,23,30) 1p-5:30p$495.008 available
Wednesdays(3,10,17,24,31) 1p-5:30p$495.008 available
Wednesdays Early(3,10,17,24,31) 10a-1p$450.004 available
Thursdays(4,11,18,25) 1p-5:30p$395.0010 available
Fridays(5,12,19,26) 1p-5:30p$395.009 available
Mondays(5,12,19,26) 1p-5:30p$395.0010 available
Tuesdays(6,13,20,27) 1p-5:30p$395.0010 available
Wednesdays Early(7,14,21,28) 10a-1p$395.0010 available
Wednesdays(7,14,21,28) 1p-5:30p$395.0010 available
Thursdays(1,8,15,22,29) 1p-5:30p$495.0010 available
Fridays(2,9,16,23,30) 1p-5:30p$495.0010 available
Mondays(3,10,17,24,31) 1p-5:30p$495.0010 available
Tuesdays(4,11,18,25) 1p-5:30p$395.0010 available
Wednesdays(5,12,19,26) 1p-5:30p$395.0010 available
Thursdays(6,13,20,27) 1p-5:30p$395.0010 available
Fridays(7,14,21,28) 1p-5:30p$395.0010 available