Boston Animal Food and Hay-Sweet Meadow Herbs & Timothy (2nd Cut)
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Sherborn , MA

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Sherborn, Massachusetts

Sweet Meadow Herbs & Timothy (2nd Cut)

Organically Grown Herbs and Timothy hay is our healthiest premium high fiber hay!  This hay is second cut and it includes Chamomile and Rose Hips.

  • Chamomile- Calming herb, soothing fragrance and helps reduce pain.
  • Rosehips - Enriched in vitamins A and especially C.
  • Red Clover- Aroma stimulates their appetite and reduces muscle tension.(SOME PACKAGES HAVE LESS CLOVER THAN OTHERS , THIS VARIES SOME FROM BALE TO BALE FROM A HAY FIELD)

please note:  We try to use Timothy-Clover hay (clover when available) . This type of hay is  not as soft as straight timothy hay. The clover stems are a bit more coarse, but are still enjoyed by small animals. 


Available sizes

9 lb. bulk box Organic Herbs & Timothy9 lb. bulk box Organic Herbs & Timothy


approx. 1/2 lb chamomile and 1/2 lb rose hips added to the timothy clover hay

24-26 lbs bulk box Organic Herbs & Timothy ( 3-8+ lb bags inside box)24-26 lbs bulk box Organic Herbs & Timothy ( 3-8+ lb bags inside box)


* Fedex and UPS charges this box as an oversize box... at a 48 lb rate even though the shipping weight is about 30 lbs.

Mix & Match Pre-Packs - Discounted and save on Shipping

Our products are shipped by either FedEx of UPS and they both provide shipment confirmation and tracking information by e-mail. Sweet Meadow offers discounts on our products to small animal rescue organizations. For more information please contact us . Proof of non-profit status may be required

For information, please contact us. Proof of non-profit status may be requested.