Boston Animal Food and Hay-Sweet Meadow Timothy Hay (2nd Cut)
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Sherborn, Massachusetts

Sweet Meadow Timothy Hay (2nd Cut)

sweet meadow farm timothy hay

A sweet-tasting, soft in texture, rich in fiber hay, suited for everyday feeding of small animals and birds

Recommended by veterinarians,Our Timothy grass hay is excellent for your pet's teeth and digestive tract. Timothy hay should be provided to your small pet at all times. Sweet Meadow recommends free-feeding hay to help with digestion and oral health. 

A constant supply of hay is also great for your pet's mental well-being, since grazing and chewing is soothing.

This Timothy hay is always second cut and is much more grassy than 1st Cut Timothy hay.

The 3lb package features a new easy way to open and close resealable zipper.      
Download 3lb Timothy Hay Product Sheet



Available sizes

33-36 lb. bulk-Timothy Hay33-36 lb. bulk-Timothy Hay


** Because the box we use to ship this in is considered oversized by UPS/Fedex ( UPS?Fedex charges us at a 61 lb rate no matter if there is 1 lb or 48 lbs inside) We charge you for 44 lbs on this box and not the 61 lb rate that UPS/Fedex charges us. 

Mix & Match Pre-Packs - Discounted and save on Shipping

3 pk Timothy hay 20 oz. & a 5 lb Guinea pig blend pellets


3 pack of Timothy hay and a 5 lb Guinea pig pellet (Timothy-Alfalfa blend)

THE BUNNY BASKET: (does not contain alfalfa) 3 pkgs-Timothy, 2 pkgs-Meadow Hay, one 8 LB ALL Timothy rabbit pellet.THE BUNNY BASKET: (does not contain alfalfa) 3 pkgs-Timothy, 2 pkgs-Meadow Hay, one 8 LB ALL Timothy rabbit pellet.


3 packages of 20 ounce Timothy hay, 2 Meadow hay 20 ounce packages and an 8 lb All Timothy rabbit pellet

If you want the blended pellet instead of the all timothy ...order the bunny basket from this page....


Our products are shipped by either FedEx of UPS and they both provide shipment confirmation and tracking information by e-mail. Sweet Meadow offers discounts on our products to small animal rescue organizations. For more information please contact us . Proof of non-profit status may be required

For information, please contact us. Proof of non-profit status may be requested.