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Sherborn, Massachusetts

Working Students

Becoming a working student is a huge commitment and it is a big responsibility. You are to uphold all of the standards of the farm and be the leaders of the next equestrian generation.


Students must be invited to be a part of this program.



Program is directed by Rachel Hurst.

All students will report to Rachel Hurst at the beginning and end of the day but also may be training under Julie for specific tasks.

Working Students are required to take 2 weekly riding lessons with Rachel. When selecting weeks please select the "Working Student Group Lesson" and choose the number of lessons you would like your child to participate in.

Both students and guardians understand this is a working program and if students do not follow policies and procedures, there will be a meeting with the parents and Rachel to discuss goals and if the working student program is the right fit right now for the student. IF THERE ARE EVER ISSUES OF SAFETY STUDENTS CAN BE EXPELLED FROM THE WORKING STUDENT PROGRAM. This is for high level, advanced riders only and all students must represent Sweet Meadow Farm appropriately both on the farm and off. Problems will be discussed on a case by case basis.


If there is a safety concern or the student conducts themselves in an inappropriate manner, until the time which they leave the farm they will be excused from working student activities for the rest of the day and the future of their working student career will be discussed upon pick up.

Working students must be in proper Sweet Meadow Farm uniforms.

-Sweet Meadow Apparel with Logo: green and white polo with logo,

will be provided

-Proper riding apparel: breeches, chaps, boots and helmet.

Working students are our student leaders and there will be times that they will work with an instructor and a group of students in programs and camps. Students must be able to assist less experienced equestrians and conduct themselves in a professional manner. When there is a lesson in process and they are shadowing Emily, there will be no disturbing another student’s riding time. They are there to learn and take example. Interruptions to report back to Emily must be done in a quiet and appropriate manner.

Working students must bring their own lunch/snacks every day. It will be $5.00 cost per day if Sweet Meadow Farm provides lunch for working students. This needs to be prepaid. If you would like us to provide luch please select the "Pizza Per Day" option and select the number of days you would like us to provide your child with lunch. Water will always be available.


Working Student responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

-Cleaning Tack

-Organizing, spraying and cleaning helmets

-Organizing and spraying boots to borrow

-Ensuring all tack rooms are clean and tack is properly put away

-Dusting: saddles in indoor

-Grooming, bathing and general upkeep of horses...may include

minor veterinary care

-Hand walking approved horses

-Tacking up horses for Emily

-Assisting with lower level lessons, holding horses, leading pony rides, etc.

Responsibilities for the day will be addressed at 9:00 and working students are responsible for making note and carrying out these tasks throughout the day, working around camp and instructors schedules. The working student program is an introduction to horse care, farm management, equestrian training and competing. Students will learn as they go in an internship type manner and need to work together as a team. Any misconduct between the group will not be tolerated. The working students are all equally the head trainer’s right hand for their time here and will be treated as equal. They are all here to help and hold each other up.

STUDENTS AND GUARDIANS UNDERSTAND THAT THERE WILL BE TIMES THAT STUDENTS WILL BE UNATTENDED AROUND THE HORSES. Students will never be left for a long period of time or ever asked to anything unsafe, although guardians must understand the inherent risk of working around equines. This is a program for only the most advanced riders and if your child has been invited that means that under Rachel's guidance they have been deemed by the entire upper management at Sweet Meadow Farm to be knowledgeable and experienced enough to act as a working student. No child will be invited to this program that is not ready. Younger students will be accompanied by an older working student or an instructor at all times. Older students will be allowed more independence as they advance on a case by case basis.

Horse Shows!

All working students are encouraged to participate in the Apple Knoll schooling horse show series on wednesday nights (time and weather permitting)! As students advance in their riding they will work towards taking the horses they ride to Apple Knoll to participate in schooling horse shows! Students are invited to come with the instructors to assist and spectate when they show as well.


The Sweet Meadow team is available to take students for 3+ hours under their care to Apple Knoll for an extra charge of $75, space permitting. They will be provided food and drinks and be able to help with everything that goes into showing a horse. They will help load the horses, clean them for the show, tack up and support the instructors and fellow riders competing.


Fees to participate in horse showing in the future will be a $100 day lease fee for the horse, which includes help grooming, shipping, tack, and using the horse at the show for their classes. As well as a $50 coaching fee for a riding lesson at the show before the classes, coaching in the ring and addressing any problems before and after the class. Students must go and watch a horse show before they are allowed to participate in one.


Guardians are responsible for the class fees paid to Apple Knoll. Students usually participate in four classes each, which cost $25 each. Classes can be paid for after the horse show.


All parents are welcome to come and watch their kids participate.


$375 is the cost for the week without any riding. After you sign up you can decide how many $60 Lessons you want to add to the week by email.