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Sherborn , MA

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Sherborn, Massachusetts

School Vacation Programs & No-School Days

Sign Up for School Break Programs 

Sessions available all school vacations, Sign-Up Below! 9:00am-3:00pm, early drop-off and extended day options available.

Ages 4-13.

Weekly programs for kids ages 4 to 13, offering hands-on animal science experience, daily one-on-one horseback riding lessons or pony rides, and animal activities.

Spend the day with our wide variety of animals. Over 100 barnyard, domestic, and exotic animals call Sweet Meadow Farm home! Our residents include a wallaby, potbelly pigs, baby goats, rabbits, an emu, and more! Campers will learn proper care an handling of all our animals. 

We offer 2 different programs, there is something for everyone!

Our riding program runs from 9am-3pm. Each student receives a private riding lesson on one of our gentle school horses with one of our well-trained instructors. 

Our pets & ponies program runs from 9am-3pm. Students in this program each receive a pony ride and learn the basics of riding with on of our instructors. 


  • All students must bring 2, nut-free, healthy snacks, Lunch and a bottle of water
  • Extended day offered from 3:00pm-5:00pm for an extra fee ($45 p/day)
  • Early morning drop off available from 8:30am-9:00am for an extra fee ($15 p/day)

Cancellation Policy: Full payment is due at the time of registration. Sweet Meadow Farm does not give credit and/or refunds if participants miss or cancel any of the programs’ classes.

Please Note: For Day Prgrams if we do not fill more than 6 spots for the week we reserve the right to cancel program and refund payment. We will notifly students signed up the Saturday prior to camp if it will be cancelled. 


Yom Kippur Riding Program(16th) 9-3$195.001 available
Yom Kippur Pets & Ponies Program(16th) 9-3$155.007 available
October 8th Riding Program(8) 9-3$195.006 available
October 8th Pets & Ponies Program(8) 9-3$155.0010 available
Columbus Day Riding Program(11th) 9-3$195.004 available
Columbus Day Pets & Ponies Program(11th) 9-3$155.008 available
Election Day Riding Program(2) 9-3$195.006 available
Election Day Pets & Ponies Program(2) 9-3$155.006 available
Veterans Day Thursday Riding Program(11th) 9-3$195.004 available
Veterans Day Thursday Pets & Ponies Program(11th) 9-3$155.008 available
Veterans Day Friday Riding Program(12) 9-3$195.006 available
Veterans Day Friday Pets & Ponies Program(12) 9-3$155.0010 available
Thanksgiving Break Riding Program(22,23,24) 9-3$585.006 available
Thanksgiving Break Pets & Ponies Program(22,23,24) 9-3$465.0010 available
Early Winter Break Riding Program(20,21,22,23) 9-3$780.006 available
Early Winter Break Pets & Ponies(20,21,22,23) 9-3$780.0010 available
Winter Break Riding Program(27,28,29,30,31) 9-3$975.006 available
Winter Break Pets and Ponies(27,28,29,30,31) 9-3$795.008 available